Obama: If states don’t accept HHS ‘contraception’ policy, I will slash health care for women

http://twitter.com/#!/freddoso/status/179994934223454208 Unions get waivers, but that’s because he doesn’t want to violate their principles. Office of Texas Governor Rick Perry: Gov. Rick Perry today said he is unwilling to let more than 100,000 low-income Texas women pay the price for the Obama Administration’s unwavering loyalty to abortion providers and their affiliates. The governor has instructed […]

Romney supports statehood of Puerto Rico, English not a precondition

http://twitter.com/#!/UnivisionNews/status/180912036925026306 Presidential candidate and former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney said he would support a movement for Puerto Rico to become the United States’ 51st state. He also said he does not believe a requirement that English become the main Puerto Rican language should be a precondition. That position is in contrast to his rival, former […]